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Walking with Abigail Rayn

Writer/Photo Devotionals

My writing is an insight and reflection of life as I see it and experience it, through a lens of faith. While I am a mere sojourner in this life, as I journey, I learn more about myself, God, and others. Inspired by nature, I am in complete awe of the Creator Himself. To receive occasional new devotions, sign up through the contact me tab above.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord," NKJV


Devotions Anchor

"Abigail is a gift to me and to all who know her.  Her creative flair, relational skills, amazing abilities, spiritual insight, and just plain street smarts overflow as a force-multiplier who is completely "for others".  Listen to Abigail and let her impact you.  She sees the future first, makes the world better, makes every one of us an improved versions of ourselves."  

             - Dr. Tom Nebel

     Giant Worldwide/Founder           Leaders Rising Network

Praise & Reviews

"I can identify with Abigail's writing. She writes from sometimes difficult places, and even in such situations she still loves God. God is her spiritual pillar, and through it she brings hope to her readers."

- Anonymous international PhD student

"I'm always amazed at the depth and insight Rayn brings to her writing. Her words have the power to change lives.

‘Rayn's writing is a gift to the world”

- Jane Smith

Life Coach and Personal Trainer


About Walking with Abigail Rayn

Walking with Rayn is a repository of my spiritual journey and the things God has taught me about life, myself, and others through devotions and short stories. My passion for writing began at a young age and has since grown into a lifelong pursuit of self-discovery and growth. Join me on this journey of exploration and be inspired to discover your own path. Follow me on Facebook for my most recent posts and be sure to fill out the contact me information to receive current devotions to your email.

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